E-learning and interactive design has become a tool of choice for a lot of corporate and client based training, it’s important to understand the target audience. E-learning has a direct effect on boosting morale, satisfaction and longevity. We all strive for a happy workforce and for happy customers.


To make E-learning as engaging as possible for your learners you need to have a varied choice of film, infographics, animations and presentations.

Our areas of expertise...

Human body, Hand, Arm, Comfort, Gesture, Elbow, Cartoon, Finger
Personal computer, Output device, Laptop, Gesture, Font
Personal computer, Laptop, Gesture
Hand, Gesture
Neck, Sleeve, Gesture

Online handbooks

Company handbooks

On-site handbooks

Health & Safety guides

Interactive experiences

Interactive guides & brochures

Interactive PDFs

iPad editions

E-learning courses

Explainer videos

How to guides

Kick off meeting and briefing


Defining the content


Initial findings and conceptual thoughts


Initial design and creation



Design refinement


Final approval and handover

Our process...

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